Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tell him or Not?

Hey everybody its me for the first time in a long time on blog spot, ok so for starters i have a problem... HA i know its usual but here it is... there is a boy in my history and math class who i really, really like and in math he sits right behind me (i know pressure right) anyways he is always talking about all of those popular girls, with the big chest, nice bodies, perfect hair he is always saying how hot they are and i; of course get totally jealous and i don't look anything like them! but i seem to think i notice him flirting with me now and then and i am so stuck on wanting to tell him i like him but then you know what happens...(if they don't like you back they act like your the weirdest person on the planet and then you guys are all awkward) you know what i mean lol. I am going completely crazy cause i don't know what to do so if you really care or just know what i am going through please help me i could really use it!!

Manda Panda

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