Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18,2008

Hey everybody today was a really great day until i got home. I will tell you about the good part of my day first ok well you all know that crush i like in my math class and all well i help in the special Olympics at my school and we walked passed him (me and my best friend) and so when we got into the gym i still wanted to look at him so me and my friend were fooling around by the door so he could see and he kept doing what i was doing so he could see me too it was so so cute and funny. Then I got home and my mom bought there really dumb shelves that are three different sized and you can put them whichever way you want... well she gets angry wicked easily so while we were putting them up and deciding we both wanted to choke each other and now it looks really retarded because my room is wicked small and it has no wall space so now she made my room look more horrifying than usual, yeah well that was my day i hope tomorrow it will have a better ending.

Manda Panda

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