Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I almost died lol

Hey i am back and today you could not believe what i went through... ok so that boy who i like who sits behind me in math well he moved in between me and my friend who sits next to me because we were all working on this paper thing and so while we were all just hanging out he was fiddling with his pen and it got caught on my friends desk then popped on his and flew at like high speed right across my face it almost poked me in the eye... then after i gave it back to him my other friend was like if you were like lying there diying we would be laughing lol then my crush was like well at least you would die happy and i said no you would be and then he was like well yupp its all the same. oh my gosh he is so funny and today was just a really good day. then while i was writting this my dad called and he was talking about how he glows everytime i go up on stage, because there is a talent show comming up and i told him i was going to go in it.

Manda Panda

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